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Daniel Dodd

Presidential Fellow

Graduate Program: Biomedical Sciences

About Me:

I received my bachelor's degree in neuroscience from Ohio State in May of 2019. During my undergraduate tenure, I joined the Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Lab in 2018, then following graduation, I transitioned into my PhD in August of 2019. Currently, I am a fourth year PhD student and Presidential Fellow in the Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Lab.

My passion for research lies at the intersection of neuroscience and immunology. I aim to find practical and creative solutions for neurological and cognitive disorders, with a particular interest in the role of the immune system. Thus, my research focuses on the use of myeloid-lineage immune cells as mediators of therapeutic drug delivery. My previous work demonstrated this technique to deliver tumor suppressor genes to mesenchymal breast cancer cells, which were then able to mitigate tumor growth and invasion. Currently, I am using electroporation-based techniques, combined with a pro-angiogenic cocktail of transcription factor plasmid DNA, to potentiate re-vascularization of ischemic brain tissue.

Following graduation, I hope to find a career in clinical research. I hope to engage with the world's brightest minds in cutting-edge, life-saving research to bring the best solutions to the clinic.


Daniel Dodd
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