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McKayla Hagan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Major: Biology

Supervisor: Diego Alzate-Correa, PhD

About Me:

I am a junior Biology pre-med major in STEM scholars program at the Ohio State University. I joined Dr. Daniel Gallego-Perez lab summer 2022.I am currently working under Dr. Cintia Gomez, focusing on working on gene therapy for NF1. During summer, I also volunteer at James Hospital, Columbus Cancer Clinic, and Mount Carmel Hospice, and work at a clinic in Columbus Ohio. On campus, I am involved in MedLife, BBWESTS, BuckeyeThon, and BGPSC tennis. My plan for the future is to go medical school and open my own clinic here in Columbus. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, playing tennis, binging TV shows, and hanging out with friends.


McKayla Hagan
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