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Jon Stranan

Graduate Research Associate

Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering

About Me:

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in the school of Biomedical Engineering at the Ohio State University advised by Dr. Gallego Perez.  My current research is focused on developing cell therapies to treat Alzheimer disease through increasing vascularity in the brain.  My other research includes treating peripheral neuropathies using tissue nanotransfection for traumatic injuries specifically for those who sustain nerve damage in the military.


I am originally from Canton Ohio and went to Saint Thomas Aquinas HS.  I began my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Ohio State in the fall of 2014 and graduated in 2019.  From 2019 until 2021 I worked at TimkenSteel in Canton as a Steel Business Associate.  During the spring of 2021 I started my master’s degree in biomedical engineering; I contacted Dr. Gallego Perez to work in his lab originally as volunteer (later as an advised master’s student), and was placed on a project with Dr. Diego Alzate Correa involving Alzheimer’s research.  After completion of my masters in the spring of 2022, Dr. Gallego Perez invited me to join the lab as a PhD student in order to continue Alzheimer’s research as well as assisting in a new project targeted on treating peripheral neuropathies.  My main interests include medical devices, as well as treatments for various cardiac diseases.


Jon Stranan
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