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Natalia Areiza Mazo

Graduate Research Associate

Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering

About Me:

I am PhD student in Biomedical engineering, and my research is conducted in Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Laboratory. Here, my research is focused on the application of novel nanotechnology devices as gene reprogramming therapeutics for metabolic disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes. I am biologist with a Master's degree in Food Science from La Universidad de Antioquia. There, I studied bio-compounds from physalis peruviana and applied this in an in vitro model of cancer in the lab "Impacto de componentes alimentarios en la salud" at La Universidad de Antioquia. Through this project, I was awarded with the Otto de Greiff Award in 2014. After, I worked with cellular therapies at Pontifical Xaverian University where I tested the bio-compounds from physalis peruviana in an in vitro model of Parkinson's Disease. I have also worked in the food industry as R&D Manager. I hope to continue my career in develop gene therapy as a potential alternative in treatment of diseases.


Natalia Areiza Mazo
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