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Members of the Nanomedicine Lab Recognized at Graduate School Award Ceremony

Graduate students Daniel Dodd, Luke Lemmerman, and Ana Salazar-Puerta were recognized by the Graduate School for their recent achievements.

Ohio State's Graduate School hosted an award ceremony honoring graduate students that received academic achievements from the past year. Among those recognized, the Nanomedicine Lab was represented by three graduate members. Luke Lemmerman was recognized as a finalist in the university's 3-Minute Thesis competition, while Daniel Dodd and Ana Salazar-Puerta were recognized as recipients of the Presidential Fellowship.

Luke, a third-year PhD student, placed second at the university's 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. The 3MT competition is "an academic competition for PhD students and master’s students pursuing a master’s thesis, to describe their research within three minutes, to a general audience." Luke presented his work on reprogramming fibroblast cells for therapeutic outcomes in stroke and type I diabetes.

Daniel, another third-year PhD student, was awarded the Presidential Fellowship within the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. He will use the fellowship to support the remainder of his dissertation work. His work focuses on using myeloid immune cells as therapeutic targets for various pathological conditions. Daniel will begin his fellowship in the summer.

Ana, a PhD student in the Higuita-Castro Nanomedicine Lab, was also awarded the Presidential Fellowship for Biomedical Engineering. Her work has focused on engineered extracellular vesicles as a means of mitigating lung inflammation following a coronavirus infection. She is currently under tenure as a Presidential Fellow.





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