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Several Nanomedicine Lab Students Present at the Department of Surgery's Research Day

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Graduate students Devleena Das, Daniel Dodd, Jordan Moore, Angelica Rincon-Benavides, and Ana Salazar-Puerta presented their work for members of the Department of Surgery for the department's Research Day.

Ohio State's Department of Surgery hosted its 27th annual Research Conference. Several members of the Nanomedicine Lab were present at the event to share their research with a plethora of medical and research students and faculty. Graduate students Devleena Das, Jordan Moore, and Angelica Rincon-Benavides presented during the judged poster session. In addition, Daniel Dodd and Ana Salazar-Puerta delivered featured oral presentations to those present at the event, including a panel of faculty experts.

This conference is designed to bring students, residents, fellows, faculty and guests together to share and discuss results of research relevant to surgery. It’s also an opportunity for a variety of students training with faculty in the Department of Surgery (DOS) – including medical students, residents, graduate students and postdoctoral research trainees – to develop their scientific communication skills. The conference began with a presentation from the 47th Annual Zollinger Visiting Professor, Dr. John Ikonomidis, MD, PhD of the University of North Carolina's School of Medicine. Oral presentations were given throughout the day to a panel of judges consisting of Dr. Ikonomidis, as well as faculty from the Department of Surgery, including Drs. Sylvester Black, MD, PhD; Priya Dedhia, MD, PhD; Asvin Ganapathi, MD; and Prabhakara Nagareddy, PhD.





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