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Ana Salazar-Puerta, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department: Biomedical Engineering

About Me:

I am a Postodoctoral Researcher at The Ohio State University in the department of Biomedical Engineering. I am from Colombia, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. I joined Higuita-Castro Nanomedicine lab in 2019 as Visiting scholar, and right after I transitioned into my PhD in August during that year at The Ohio State University. I completed my PhD in Biomedical Engineering in December 2022 as a Presidential fellow. I worked on developing cutting-edge treatments based on novel engineered extracellular vesicle (EV)-based nanotherapeutics for gene delivery and cell reprogramming. My research was focused on EV-based therapeutics for pulmonary inflammation, valvular heart diseases, low back pain, and neurofibromatosis applications.

In 2023 I joined Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine lab as a Postdoctoral researcher to work on developing novel nanotechnology-based approaches for peripheral nerve injuries by improving peripheral nerve and skeletal muscle regeneration and innervation of end organs.

My plan is to use my skills to pursue a research oriented-career developing cutting-edge treatments for different disorders with translational applications.


Ana Salazar-Puerta, Ph.D.
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