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Kavya Dathathreya

Research Assistant

Department: Biomedical Engineering

About Me:

I am a mechanical engineer working as a research assistant in the Nanomedicine Lab for the past 3 years. My expertise includes the design and fabrication of micro- and nano-devices in silicon which are used to carry out various impactful experiments in the lab. My skills include layout design, photolithography, nanoimprint lithography, thin film deposition, DRIE and SEM characterization. These devices have 3D features smaller than the thickness of the hair and are fabricated using latest technology and equipment in a cleanroom. I am very passionate and love my job where everyday, I get an opportunity to work on some great novel ideas and come up with processes and techniques in making it functional.

Prior to joining OSU, I worked as a research technician at the University of Kansas and I have 5+ years of experience working in the power plant industry. I have M.S. degree (2016) from Louisiana State University and a B.S. degree (2009) from PES Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India), both in mechanical engineering`

Kavya Dathathreya
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